Evaluation of a Slot Machine with a Crystal Clear Display

This game from Realistic Games makes everything extremely apparent. This is due to the fact that all of the icons are crystal images. Despite how it may seem, this is not the game’s central focus. Rather, you’ll notice that the backdrop depicts a tropical island at night. In the background of this scene of palm trees, sparkling stars and peaceful waters can be seen. As you spin the reels, a tropical-sounding piece of music plays in the background, adding to the whole vibe. Everything seems really crisp and detailed in the game’s visuals. In sum, it offers something exciting to players.

The Gleaming Marvels

The game’s interface features a standard slot machine configuration with five reels and three rows. Players should expect a consistent product because this is a slot machine interface they’ve seen before. These reels serve as the backdrop for the game’s many icons, which are, as we’ve already established, various precious stones. There’s the blue, round crystal, and the red, heart-shaped one. Two elongated shapes, one purple and one green, connect them. Last but not least, there are two more signs, a square yellow gem and a triangular orange gift. These are the standard symbols used in Crystal Clear.

In addition to the other features of a typical gaming UI, you’ll find 10 pay lines. You can’t change this, so you’ll have to stick to betting on that many lines no matter what. However, the amount bet every spin is variable and open to adjustment by all participants. You can use the available up and down arrows to accomplish this. You can adjust your bet per line with these, within a range of £0.01 to £10. As a result, you can bet a maximum of £100 on each spin. The ‘Auto’ option lets you spin the reels automatically for up to 100 times at a set number of coins every spin.

Figure Out How to Start a Gemstone Collection of Your Own

This game may look like a little variation on the classic puzzler Bejeweled, but it actually has a few unique features that set it apart. The wild symbol is the game’s primary unique feature. ‘WILD’ is written across a diamond crystal in this symbol. In its wild state, it can replace any other icon to help complete a winning payline. Five of these on a winning pay line will result in a payout 1,000 times the initial wager. The highest payout possible in any game is 10,000 times the line bet.

The ‘Crystal Clear Bonus Spins’ feature has also been included. Every new game begins with eight wild symbols on each reel. When a winning combination contains one or more wild symbols, the bonus round begins. When a winning combination includes symbols that aren’t wild, those symbols become wild. Then, you’ll get another spin at no additional cost using these improved reels. Free respins will be awarded, and extra wilds will be added. Spin after spin, until either the jackpot is won or a non-winning round occurs.

Closing Statement

While at first glance this game may not seem as complex as some of the others we’ve reviewed for online slot machines, you’ll soon find that it has its own unique set of amusing characteristics. When compared to the overall subject, the setting is very puzzling. But hey, we’re not playing for the landscape; we’re playing to win money. And we like a lot of games that include free spins or re-spins as a feature.

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