Histories of Bill Benter

William “Bill” Benter created one of the world’s most successful computer software programs, which helped him conquer the Hong Kong horse racing market, but he did not stop there. He has relocated to the United States and other Asian countries, where he reportedly earns over $10 billion per year, making him one of the first billionaires to specialize in wagering.

Benter is not only a mathematical savant who created an extraordinary piece of wagering software, but he is also a generous philanthropist who devotes a great deal of time and money to support government affairs, education-related causes, and numerous other organizations.

Perspective on His Past

William Benter was born and spent the majority of his childhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Even in primary school, it became evident that Benter had exceptional mathematic skills as he would often work out various equations in his mind just for amusement.

Benter desired to utilize his mathematical skills as he grew older.
He needed to earn a living, but he didn’t want to devote his life to teaching or another 9-to-5 employment, so he went to the nearby casinos and began counting cards. Benter discovered the book Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorp around this time, which helped him refine his methods.

Benter was embarking on a lengthy voyage to become a professional gambler, but he was such a gifted card-counter that many casinos prohibited him because they knew he would consistently win. Benter, discouraged and realizing that gambling was his vocation, went back to the drawing board to find another method to use his mathematical knowledge to succeed in the world of gambling, and he did so.

Professional Gambling: System-Beating Software

Benter was too well-known in casinos, so he decided to engage in a form of wagering that would enable him to avoid them, forcing him to begin betting on horse racing. Benter was able to develop a software program that analyzed sixteen individual variables that could affect the horses, jockeys, and trainers of a race and ultimately influence the race’s outcome through hours of labor.

Benter and his colleagues devised their own prices and probabilities based on these findings, which they used to make wagers that were nearly always accurate. Benter is always searching for methods to enhance his software, adding more variables to increase the accuracy of his wagers.
The most recent version of his software analyzes over 130 distinct variables and examines the odds of various wagers to determine where he has the greatest potential to earn the most money.

Benter has employed a team of professionals to place bets on his behalf, instructing them to do so just seconds before the last wagers are accepted. On average, he earns between $5 and $10 million per day at the racecourse. His triumph began on the Hong Kong racetracks, where he also met his future wife, Vivian.

Recently, the couple has relocated to the United States and other Asian countries that permit horseracing so that Benter can demonstrate that his software is effective in any environment. Every time he wagers, he reportedly wins approximately 24% of the turnover, a remarkable figure for any speculator.

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