New South Wales Online Casinos Rating and Review

The Australian government has officially made internet casinos illegal in the nation. This indicates that operators are not licensed nor authorized to provide gaming services to Australian citizens. Any online gambling sites that continue to accept Australian players are in direct violation of Australian law. Due to the inability of these operators to retrieve player assets in the event of legal problems, players’ funds may not be secure with them. does not promote any of these casinos and advises Australians to avoid them until online gambling is regulated in Australia. Please see our casinos by country page for information on the laws of other regions.

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New South Wales (NSW) is the most populous state in Australia and is located in the south-eastern region of the continent. This is mostly due to the presence of Sydney, the capital of New South Wales and the biggest city in Australia. In contrast to Western Australia, the moderate temperature along the coast of this state has made it not only a desirable location to live, but also a world-famous tourist destination, with millions of people enjoying the beaches here every summer (a particular delight for those from the Northern Hemisphere, who can escape their winter weather).

The gambling business has a lengthy history in New South Wales. The state featured a number of firsts for Australian gambling, including the first legitimate horse races and the first legally built and operated pokies. NSW has one of the highest concentrations of poker machines in the world, which is suitable given Australia’s reputation as one of the most gambling-friendly countries in the world.

Long Past, Bright Future

New South Wales has a long history of betting, dating back over a century. In 1810, Hyde Park in Sydney is reported to have staged the country’s first sanctioned horse race, and in 1881, the city hosted the first authorized lottery. Thus, it should come as no surprise that the state is still home to a thriving gaming culture.

To begin with, New South Wales is basically the global capital of pokies. It is second only to Nevada in the United States in number of jurisdictions that provide slot machine-style games, with about 100,000 machines installed in clubs and pubs around the state. This growth into a worldwide centre for pokies has occurred in around 60 years, since the very first legal Australian machines were put in licensed clubs in 1956. They swiftly surpassed other kinds of gambling in popularity, generating enormous income for the NSW government.

The machines were restricted to clubs for many years, although that has altered over time. In 1984, hotels were also authorized to host pokies, so long as they adhered to a number and variety of game restrictions.

In 1995, a much bigger participant joined the poker machine game when Sydney’s first casino opened. Originally known as the Sydney Harbour Casino, its name has recently been changed to The Star Sydney. In terms of scale, The Star is the second-largest gambling facility in Australia, following only the Crown Casino in Melbourne. Due to an exclusivity clause in the casino’s license, it remains the only facility of its kind in New South Wales, however this is anticipated to change soon with the opening of a VIP casino specializing on table games.

Additional types of gaming are available in the state. For instance, NSW Lotteries, which is operated by Tatts, the official licensed operator across Australia, offers a variety of lottery games. Since 1931, the state has had a lottery, and now participants may pick from a variety of significant jackpot games, including as Oz Lotto, Powerball, and the Saturday Lotto.

Racing NSW governs horse racing in New South Wales. Here, dozens of different courses provide racing throughout the whole year. Licensed by the Australian government to accept wagers in person or over the phone, sports betting is also publicly accessible and aggressively publicized.

Offshore Sites Fill Online Play’s Gap

The majority of Australian jurisdictions prohibit the licensing and regulation of internet gambling. In the field of sports betting, however, licensed bookmakers are permitted to accept wagers via the Internet, with the exception of live, “in-play” wagering, which must be conducted through telephone. Additionally, online lottery sales are immune from these restrictions.

As with the rest of Australia, the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 governs online gambling in New South Wales. This regulation makes it unlawful for operators to provide real-money gambling to Australian citizens or to promote such services in Australia. This does not, however, make it unlawful for anyone to access these sites and play on them if they so wish.

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